The people of this great Nation is in mourning. The young girl who was raped and brutalised in the Delhi Bus and battling for life for the last two weeks has died in the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore yesterday and cremated near her house in Delhi. The entire country is mourning for this braveheart who fought against the brutal attack and continued her fight for life till the last.
Thousands of young boys and girls, students, citizens and people from all walks of life are still gathering at the Jantar Mantar and other places in Delhi and keep the candles glow in memory of the young girl, who wanted to live and live a full life.

It is not only in Delhi, but all over the nation, the people are mourning and expressing their protest against the brutal attack. They are demanding quick justice to the victims of sexual assaults that are happening in thousands. It is reported that in every forty minutes a rape is committed in India.

The anger and protest are completely justified. India is a democratic nation, which glorifies the women and even worship them. The epics and literature in each and every language glorify the mother and women. But on the other side the attacks on women, rape, molestation etc. are on the increase day by day. As per certain statistics released there are thousands of rape and molestation cases registered, but not even 30% of them have been finalised or the culprits punished.
The charge-sheeting, trial and the legal proceedings take years and in most of the cases the culprits are let off scot-free due to want of evidence or the witnesses turning hostile due to pressure, threat, bribe etc. There is an unholy alliance between the police and the culprits in many such cases. The police are reluctant even to register FIR. The victims are pressurised to compromise with the culprits.
The legal system has to change and action has to be taken on a fast track. There should be zero tolerance in rape, molestations etc. Safety shuld be ensured for women at all places.
Whether in the work-place,public spaces, transports and in all places, there should be safety for women and girl child. The society has to change its mindset. Treating the women as a sex smybol has to be stopped. Due respect should be given to the women in the movies, adverstisements etc. instead of the present sex-exploitation. There should be sufficient women police and they should be employed more and more in public spaces to ensure safety to women.The governnment has to bring legislation for harsh punishments for sex crimes.
The death of the brave girl can not go in vain. The sacrifice of the young girl should enflame the country to such an extent that such horrible crimes should not happen again.
The students and young people have shown their anguish, protest and determination to fight against such evils in the society. It is a massive movement for a change and all the people have to join this struggle to ensure that there is a change in the mindset of the people, harsh punsihemnt to the culprits, a sensitive police system and fast track justice.
Politicians, legal luminaries, progressive thinkers, administrators, activists, women organisations – everybody in one voice have demanded these. The Central and state governments have to move and decide and implement these reforms immediately.
My Homage to the Brave Heart once again! Let her fight and sacrifice be a bacon light for the the present and future generations for a new world of equal right and equal opportunites for men and women and also for the safety of women.