The New Year 2013 is here. The year 2012 was full of activities as far as the workers are concerned. It was also a year full of struggles for the rights of the people and the toiling masses. At the end of the year, the brutal attack and rape of the young woman in Delhi has shocked the conscience of the entire country and a movement led by the youngsters and students has rocked the country, putting the ruling classes and the government on the defensive. The insensitive government will be compelled to take at least some measures in the new year on these and other issues. Because of the tragedy, New Year celebrations have been cancelled by many organisations and individuals. Certainly, nobody can celebrate when there is such a tragedy in our minds.Still we welcome the New Year with the hope that the people and the working class will continue their struggles and will move forward for a better society.
My best Wishes to all for the New Year!