This week has seen the fury of the nature through the hurricanes and storm in the Carribean, United States etc by the Sandy and in the east of India by the Neelam. According to the latest news, about 100 people have been killed and thousands of houses and other buildings collapsed, complete failure of electricity and flooding of cities including New York.

The east coast of India, Tamilnadu, A.P. etc. has to face the storm and cyclone named Neelam. This area has always been the victim of such natural calamities due to its particular position. It is reported that some people are dead and missing.

All of us feel the great losses and convey our deep grief at these great tragedies. Our condolence to the bereaved and those who lost their homes and all.

Is the continued storms, sunamis and other natural calamities a sign of the  reaction of the nature to the utter abuse of the nature by the humans? As the scientists and naturalists have been warning, nations and people have to be very careful to save the environment and the nature. Of course, despite all these, there may be natural calamities which can not be avoided.