BSNL Employees Union in it’s All India Conference at Ludhiana has taken a conscious decision to propagate and fight for the rights of the one lakh and odd casual and contract workers engaged in BSNL. They are being exploited in their wages, social security measures and what not? It is time to see that the injustices meted out to these hard toiling workers are rectified and justice given. It is only with the initiative and full support of the regular employees that they will be able achieve this.

The Ludhiana AIC has called upon all circle/SSA/Branch unions to organise 1st November 2012 as “Casual Contract Labour Demands day”, by holding meeting, giving wide publicity to the demands of the casual/contract workers like Regularisation of casual labour, equal wages and minimum wages, Social security measures like EPF, ESI etc. and also meeting the management for settlement of the demands etc. It is the coterie of the Management-Contractor nexus that is exploiting the low paid workers. Unless strong and sustained agitation takes place, it will be difficult to get justice for these workers.

Organise 1st November in a very effective and successful way.