The Minister of State for Communications, Shri Milind Deora has replied to a question raised by Com.Tapan Sen, M.P., in the Parliament that there are 3,348 casual labour engaged in BSNL, and that they can not be regularised in view of the Supreme Court Judgement in Umadevi case against regularisation.

This is a distortion of facts. On the basis of the same judgement of the Supreme Court and as per the DOP&T orders referring to the judgment, hundreds of casual labours in many departments of the central government have been regularised. If BSNL was not formed, these casual labours who were actually engaged by the DOT before formation of BSNL, would have been regularised as in other departments. Formation of BSNL could not be used to deny the right of these casual labours who are continuously working for more than 15 years or so.

This denial of justice has to be fought not only by the casual workers, but by the entire BSNL workers. In fact the unions of the regular employees should organise the struggle to get their colleagues to be regularised. BSNL Employees Union and its leaders at various level have to take initiative for the agitation to get justice rendered to these maximum exploited section of workers.

The BSNL Management have the responsibility to regularise these workers.