The government is trying to disinvest and gradually hand over all the PSUs to the private corporates, stating the PSUs are in loss or some other excuse. But a look at the profit that the PSUs make and the amount they contribute to the Central Exchequer will show that the government is misleading the people.

The top ten profit-making CPSEs in 2010-11 had made a profit of  Rs. 66,729 crores. The total profit by all CPSEs is Rs. 1,13,769 crores. They have contributed to the central exchequer is Rs.1,56,124 by way of dividend, interest, customs duty, corporate tax, sales tax etc.

In fact, PSEs are the hens that lay the golden eggs for the Central Government. And the same government is on the way to kill them one after another.

A strong movement is to be launched to stop the government from this perilous and anti-nation conspiracy.