The Circle Conference of the BSNLEU Delhi NTR Circle Conference was held today, 29th August  2012 at the CTO dormitory Hall. I was invited to inaugurate the same and I did the same speaking briefly on the issues faced by the working class with special emphasis on BSNL issues. The need for better service and development and expansion were also stressed. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU and also CGM NTR, CGM ETP and others addressed. Com.H.L.Makkar, senior leader and President of Circle Union presided. Coms. Chiddu Singh, Vice-President and R.S.Chauhan Circle Secretary welcomed and all and presented with shawls garlands etc. There were good number of delegates.

NTR Delhi is a special circle. While STR,STP,ETR,ETP,WTP,WTR and NTP are all non-territorial circles, Northern Telecom Region is a territorial circle with large number of workers, including the CTO Delhi. It has got staff in J&K, HP, Punjab, Utharakhand, UP, Haryana and Rajasthan. These are all district unions. Delegates from most of these circles were present. So the problems of almost  9 circles have to be discussed by the circle union.

Since the NTR circle was the force and support base of BSNLEU in Delhi along with the Corporate office circle, the management has been continuously trying to shift staff from NTR to Corporate Office, DOT, Haryana, UP etc. so that the staff in NTR can be reduced. This has actually reduced the staff to almost 50%. Despite strong protest by the union, the transfer and deputation could not be stopped. This conference also discussed the matter and demanded the management to stop this unjustified process.

I could not attend the conference fully since I had to come back to my home, the day being ONAM, the main festival of Kerala.