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The DOT has issued instructions that the radiation norms of the mobile towers should be reduced drastically in view of the health and environment concerns. This has been done after a detailed study. The radiation level is very high compared to other countries as can be seen below (watt per square meter)

China : 0.4 Russia, Bulgaria, Poland : 0.1 Belgium : 0.045 Italy : 0.1 Switzerland : 0.095 India : 9.2

As such DOT has asked the telecom companies to reduce the radiation level to 0.92, about one tenth of the present level.

In the same way emission level of the mobile handsets also has been fixed. Presently the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is 2.0 watt/kg. It is to be reduced to 1.6 watt/kg.

Both these norms are proposed to be introduced from 1st September 2012. Of course, it is certain that the private telecom companies will certainly oppose these and try to get the same cancelled. But it will be a serious health risk.

In fact, it is a policy lapse on the part of the government. Before allowing the installation of towers, the DOT should have put the cap on the radiation as also in the case of mobile handsets. In the mad race for providing more connections, all international standards have been violated. At least at this stage the restriction should be strictly implemented.