Today early morning, I received a SMS with Best Wishes for a very Happy Platinum Birth Day. I was surprised, since my Birthday as per office records were 12th June. Then I remembered. The real birthday was only 24th July. 12th June was the date given by mistake or so, at the time of joining  the school. Even I had forgotten the real date. I thank Comrade for having  reminded me and wished me first  on my birthday.

But this was not all. I was attending the T.Nadu Circle Conference at Tirupur. All of a sudden a birthday cake was brought to the stage.. I had no other choice. Probably to the best of my memory, this was the first time that my birthday was celebrated in this way. I was really embarrassed. But I also participated in the happiness of all the comrades present. I thank the circle union, Reception Committee and all comrades for the love and affection shown to me.

I thank the large number of comrades who have called or sent Best Wishes by SMS, E-mail etc.

I am still at a loss to understand  how all of  a sudden my birthday was known to so many. Probably the latest technology has done the trick. Of course, it is also a reminder that ‘you are 75′. Can I add ’75 years young’?