I am reproducing below a write up by Com. Mihir Das Gupta on the achievements of LF Government of WB during its 34 years rule:

On this day 35 years back (21st June, 1977) Left Front Govt. came to power in West Bengal with sweeping people’s mandate. This triumph came with the background of intense mass and class struggles spread over several decades and immense sacrifice by the Leftist political workers, thousands of whom had laid down their lives. Also in the background was there the authoritarian and semi-fascist rule in the state. Unfortunately it was defeated in the last year’s Assembly Elections.


The present ruling party and most of the big media, both print and electronic – national and international, are trying to portray that the 34 years of LF Govt. in West Bengal had been a total disaster. This is nothing but utter lie and devoid of any substance. I like to reiterate here a few (not exhaustive) epoch making achievements of the successive seven LF governments in the state. Late Comrade Jyoti Basu led it as the Chief Minister for long 23 years, followed by Com. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee.

Restoration of democracy and extending democratic values and functioning in all walk of the society – village panchayats, municipalities, educational institutions, cooperative societies and in many other fields. Unconditional release of political prisoners of all colours. Successful establishment of elected three-tier panchayat – devolution of enormous power and fund to such local bodies. Not using any draconian and anti-democratic law – not a single detention for democratic movement without trial. Achieving positive changes in centre-state relations to a great extent – arbitrary power of the Centre to impose President’s Rule in states became a matter of history. No intervention of police and administration to foil peaceful trade union movements for the interest of the owners. Extension of peace, amity and communal harmony in all walk of social life. Successful land reform and operation ‘Barga”. Extension of free education and health care. Converting the state of West Bengal from chronic deficit to surplus in food production. Converting the state from chronic deficit to surplus in power generation. Increasing purchasing power of the rural poor enormously. Creating a congenial atmosphere for modern industrialization. Making the state a destination of IT sector.  Showing a viable alternative path inside the prevailing economic structure of the country. Showing the political direction of how to run a coalition government successfully over a very long time. First time in the country, LF Govt. lowered the Voting Age to 18 years in case of municipal elections, which was within the power of the state govt.