Sometimes the questions from the innocent children put the elders in real trouble. All of us know the story of the king who wore the imaginary dress  prepared by the clever weaver who told that the dress can be seen only by those loyal to the king. Though all the people saw the king walking naked, nobody dared to speak, because they will be treated as traitors if they don’t see the imaginary dress worn by the king.  But not the small boy. He called out,’The King is naked! The King is naked!’.

In the same way, the 10-year-old VI standard student Aishwarya Parashar’s RTI to the Prime minister’s Office (PMO), has startled not only the PMO, but also the Home Ministry and the National Archives of India. What is this troublesome information that the little Aishwarya wanted to know through RTI? It is very simple, ” Who conferred the title of Father of the Nation to Mahatma Gandhi?”

Neither the PMO, nor the Home Ministry nor the National Archives of India could answer the same, since they had no authentic information. She was given the reply, ” there are no specific documents on the information sought”.

Another RTI by the same girl for which also the government can not give a correct reply was . ” Who had declared Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, Republic day and Independence Day as National Holidays?”. The reply given was,” No such orders were issued.”

The government stands shamed and negligent of the past of the Nation. At least now, the Government should start a serious investigation in the matter, check up all the available documents and find out when the title of Father of the Nation was used for the first time and when for the first time the three National Holidays were given. The government can certainly find these out and satisfy the curiosity of the young girl and lakhs of people of this country about these vital information. ( Ref: A report in the Hindu, 25th May)

But it can not be like this. The above institutions or scholars in the subject has to find the answer. Such an issue can not go unanswered.