The unwanted telemarketing calls, called pesky calls, are creating such a nuisance that it should not only be banned, but should be punished with heavy penalties and jail term. The latest technologies are being used by the market forces to impose these unwanted calls and SMSs on the subscribers with impunity. Valuable time is compelled to be wasted. Sometimes, the SMSs and calls are also cleverly charged on the receiver.

I appreciate the TRAI for its continued instructions and directions to stop this menace. May be it has been reduced to a certain extent, but the telemarketers are finding out new ways not to get caught and punished.

As per the earlier instructions TRAI has stated that it has penalised 22,000 users and 94 telemarket firms for earlier violations. But not much has been improved. Now the TRAI has reiterated again the instructions on this subject.

TRAI has asked the persons who does not want unsolicited calls/data to register with National Customer Preference Register (NCPR). If violations are found out it should also be reported. If individuals are sending these unwanted messages, their telephones will be got disconnected.

Let us hope these actions will at least reduce the menace.