Is the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh against grant of minimum wage to the workers ? It seems so.

In the much publicised NREGS, the workers are given Rs. 100 as daily wage. The fact that even this  is not given in most of the places is another issue. The Karnataka High Court on a petition has ordered that the NREGS workers should be given the minimum wage declared by the Karnataka Government, which is higher than provided under NREGS.  The Prime Minister wanted to appeal against this order of the High Court, which means that he don’t want to give more than Rs.100/. As per the government of India orders itself, the   stands more than Rs. 200. Jairam Ramesh, Central Minister advised the Prime minister not to go on appeal against the Karnataka High Court order. But Prime Minister insisted and the case is under filing.

The Prime Minister was very particular in asking the banks to bail out the King Fisher Airlines immediately. But in the case of the low paid workers, he wants  to approach the Supreme Court to deny minimum wages to the low paid workers. Is he only the Prime Minister of the rich and powerful?