Assam is a small circle which was part of the earlier North East Circle. Now the latter has been bifurcated in to Assam, NE I and NE II Circles. The 3rd Circle Conference of the Assam unit of the BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation was held at Dhubri (Bongaigaon SSA) on 28th and 29th of January 2012.

Since there is no direct flight, I first went to Gauhati, the capital of Assam and from there along with Comrades J.N.Mishra, Vice-President BSNLEU, Bijoy Deka, Circle Secretary BSNLEU and Circle Prsident BSNLCCWF, M.B.Singh, Circle Secretary, NE I circle  and Shankar Kumar Das, Co-ordinator, NCCPA started by car to Dhubri, where the conference is to take place by the evening of 27th. We reached Dhubri at about 0400 hours, in the early morning of 28th. There was heavy fog, but the driver managed to take us to Dhubri in time.

The Conference was held in a temporary pandal erected in  the Telephone Exchange premises. Delegates from most of the SSAs have attended. The National Flag was hoisted by me, as the All India President of BSNLCCWF and the Union flag by the Circle President. In the morning session the report presented by the Circle Secretary Com. Vikas Baruah was and accounts were adopted after discussion.

The Open Session was held in the afternoon presided over by Com. Bijoy Deka, Circle President. District Secreetary, BSNLEU, Com. Janmin Ali welcomed all. Myself, Coms. Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF, Reception Committee Chairman Com. Chakravarty, J.N.Mishra, Shankar Kumar Das, M.B.Singh, B.C.Paul and other leaders. It was a very educative session and the delegates appreciated much.

The delegates session was held on 29th. Detailed discussion on all issues took place. Comrades Bijoy Deka and Vikas Baruah have been re-elected as Circle President and Circle Secretary.