Since December 9th this year, the staff quarters I am staying, D-7, Telegraph Place, Gole Market, New Delhi, allotted to the BSNL Employees Union, is under repair. These 11 quarters in this compund might have been constructed at least 80 years or more  back by the British rulers. These quarters are having only ground floor  with arched doors. This quarter might have been repaired at least about 7-8 years back. So the present repair has become essential and it is being done.  I was thinking that by the end of this month and year, the repairs will be over. However, it may take some more days in the new year. Surely the maintenance was necessary.

The quarters are having maintenance and repair. What about me, the resident in the quarters?  Is there any chance of repair and maintenance in the new year? I think it is necessary. Each person requires to be updated and organised to deal the new situations and challenges. You have to start it and if you start from the New Year, well and good.