It is reported that MTNL is planning for revenue sharing with private companies  for some its business. It is stated that this will improve its revenue position. There are proposals to move for leasing of land assets to private companies. It proposes to launch its BWA scheme with private partners.  In addition, a VRS scheme for retrenching 15,000 employees are also on the anvil. This will be about one-third of the existing employees in MTNL. Already 2-3 VRS have already been implemented.

The developments are a clear picture of how the path to privatisation is being cleared. More than 45% shares are already sold, making privatisation nearer by selling about 10% more. The staff has already been reduced considerably and the present VRS will make the staff less making it suitable for privatisation. Citing the loss, the government can justify the privatisation process. By increasing the outsourcing and revenue sharing the private companies gradually can claim for strategic position. All these are only the methods of privatisation of this once prestigious telecom company.

UPA government has already stated that it will aggressively pursue neo-liberal policies and reform in the new year 2012. Whether MTNL is its target this year? The MTNL Workers have to seriously think and decide how to stop this attack, if not already planned.