The BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation has been continuously writing letters to the Corporate Office and also to the CMD BSNL for settlement of the issues of the Casual and Contract workers engaged in BSNL, mainly implementation of minimum wage, social security measures like EPF and ESI and also reinstate the retrenched workers and stop harassment of trade union leaders etc.  There has been a complete silence from the corporate office, including the CMD. Neither any action is taken to implement the law of the land on the payment of minimum wage or social security measures.

Are the workers to understand that the management has nothing to do ? Or is the silence an admission of guilt that top management can not get the government of India and its own orders got implemented by its field offices. It is a shame on the BSNL itself that it is part of the exploitation of the lowest paid worker who has been toiling for the DOT/BSNL for the last so many years. It is not for promotion, it is not for pension, it is not for other benefits that these workers are demanding; It is only to get the minimum wage decided by the government so that they can feed their family. Will the CMD and top management open their eyes?