It is surprising that despite the protest from the main opposition BJP, Left, and even the alliance parties in the UPA like Trinamul and DMK , the government is adamantly sticking to the FDI in retail trade?

It seems that UPA is more committeed to US opinion than the opinion of the Indian people. US Ambassador to India as well as other foreign department dignitaries of US have been continuously pressurising and openly expressing their suggestion that India should open up the retail trade, so that US companies can get the benefit out of it. It is also true that the US companies are not getting much benefit from their own country due to the recession. and hence this continued demand.

But the general opinion in India is different . India has to give importance and priority to the interests of India and not US. But the adamant stand of the PM in this matter is really disturbing.

On this issue Parliament has been stalled today also. Why the Government is not prepared the accept the demand of the  opposition to revoke the same, when it is already clear that the majority of the Parliament is opposing FDI?

The Government should immediately revoke the FDI in retail trade.