The Central Government has again did it. By announcing 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in single brand retail and 51% FDI in multi-brand retail trade, the government has attacked the livelihood of lakhs of retail traders and their families. The attack is on the common people of this country since the FDI in retail will ultimately increase the prices, after finishing of the small retail business in India.

The government’s arguments that there will be an increase in employment, the prices will come down etc. are simply nonsense. The experiences in many countries have shown that the markets will be completely captured by the MNCs  and the entire local traders will be ousted, who can not compete with the MNCs and big business.

Not only the entire opposition, but even allies of UPA like Trinamool, DMK etc. have opposed the cabinet decision on FDI in retail. Congress Party in Kerala has written to Prime Minister opposing the move. Congress is almost isolated on the issue. The Parliament was stalled on 29th November on this issue due to the adamant attidtude of  the UPA government.

The Organisations of the traders all over India has called for a Bandh on December 1st opposing the government decision on FDI. The working class is in support of the stand of the traders. BSNLEU has accordingly called upon its units and members to organise protest demonstration on 1st December  against the cabinet decision on FDI in retail. Make the programme successful with massive participation. The government should be compelled to withdraw the decision.