31st October is a day of big victory for Palestine and utter defeat for US policy. Palestine has been admitted to UNESCO with 107 countries support. 14 countries opposed and 52 absented from voting due US pressure. The US has been continuously opposing entry of Palestine in all United Nations Forums, including the UN General Assembly, by threatening to cut its funding. After it was decided to admit the Palestine to the UNESCO, us declared that its $ 60 million funding to UNESCO will be stopped. So far due to US veto, Palestine could not be admitted to the UN General Assembly, though huge majority are in support of admission. But there is no veto Power to stop entry to Unesco.
US has been taking an unjustified rigid position regarding admission of Palestine due to its close connection with Israel, who is the agressor and has been continuously attacking Palestine and its people. The present decision, if it will pave for the acceptance of Palestine by UNO, will be only a justice to the palestine people.