The Chinese people are celebrating today their 62 year of declaration of Chinese Republic. China was under Japan imperialists for a long time. The country was impoverished and was one of the poorest countries in the world. The Coomunist Party of China and Red Army after continued struggles and military actions liberated China from Japan and the Koumintang. It established the Republic two years after India got independence. But within these 62 years China had become one of the mightiest nations only after USA. In all fields it has developed. In the telecom sector, China has the maximum number of telephones. It was the very very hard work of the people under the leadership of the Communist party that they could achieve all these developments.
The close relationship with India and China are necessary for the growth and development of both the countries.
On this occasion I greet the people of China and send Greetings for a better future!Red Salute Comrades!