The Fesival season is going to start with Puja Festival in September 2011. BSNL Employees for the last 11 years and earlier in DOT were getting Bonus/PLI every year except last. In the government service minimum bonus is given without any special consideration. Most of the present BSNL employees were government employees and if the government has not forcibly pushed them to the corporation, they would have been continuously getting the bonus as in Postal, Railway etc.
The plea of the management that there is no money to pay bonus has no credibility. This company was entrusted to you with a cash balance of Rs. 40,000 and with out any debt. It is only due to the anti-PSU polciy of the government and the utter mismanagement by the top management that the present situation has developed. The worker is not responsible for the present situation.
The holiday season is coming and I want to celebrate with my family. If you don’t give the bonus, you are cheating the workers. We will never agree to you anti-worker stand. Pay Bonus or face the consequences! Don’t complain later.
Bonus is my right. Don’t trample upon that.