The history of the P andT Trade Union movement in India is a long story. It started in the early part of the 20th Century. Under the British Rule it was slavery for the people of India. But it was complete servility for the government employees. They were treated less than servants of the government. The wages were low. There was no trade unions. Workers were at the mercy of the government and also at the mercy of each and every white sahebs and mem sahebs. The workers were raging in their minds against the raw deals that they were getting. No body dared to question the British Empire which shined through out the world.
It was at this juncture that certain persons rose to accept the challenge and organise the workers for a better future. They were Babu Tarapada Mukherjee from the Postal side and Henry Barton from the Telegraphs. There was no telephones at that time.
Babu Tarapada first organised the Calcutta Postal workers under the Calcutta Postal Club, which in fact was a cover for the union activities.Gradually the Postal Union was formed. It was the nucleus of the P and T union movement in the country.
After hectic efforts in organising the Union and strengthening it Babu Tarapada passed away on 29th September 1929. Let us pay homage to this great pioneer on his 82nd death anniversary.
” Take it from me, Brothers, that petitions and memorials and supplications will count for nothing so long as you do not organise yourselves in a manner to convince the Government that you will no longer stand nonsense…Recognition is bound to come from the unwilling government as soon as you make your association strong”- From the Lahore Speech of Babu Tarapada