China was under the rule of Japan for a very long period.The land was controlled by war lords and local chieftains who exploited the chinese people. The living conditions of the common people were very pitiable. The earlier emperors of China were very powerful but that did not improve the conditions of the people.
There were dissatisfaction every where. It was the Communist Party of China which started organising the people against the tyranny of the Japan and later the Chiang Kai Shek’s army.It was the formation of the Chinese Communist Party and the formation of the Red Army that changed the entire situation. The Red Army was formed on 1st August 1927. The army was mainly formed by the peasants and workers. Mao-Tse-Dung and his comrades formed the Red Army a really revolutionary army. The armed struggle and the historic Long March ended in the victory of communist revolution.
Through decades, China has developed and is now second only to USA both in military as well as economy. And China is growing at a higher rate than USA. At this stage we remember the Red Army and Communist Party and the people of China who made it possible.Congratulations to Chinese people.