The beloved POst Card has completed long 132 years. Even after all the latest communications like mobiles, fax, Internet etc. have arrived, the poor people in our country still depend upon the Posts for their communications. And the Post Card is the cheapest. There is no need for paper or separate stamp for the Post Card. With 50 paise Post card you can communicate in few worde what you want to convey to your friend or relative.
I do not know what was the price of the Post Card when it was first introduced on 1st July 1979. It might have been very less. Even after a century it is only 50 paise. The Department of Posts is incurring heavy loss on each card that is purchased and posted. But still it can not stop it because it is the committment to the poor people.
I remember two top political leaders of the country at this juncture ; Comrades EMS Namboodiripad and C.Achutha Menon, both former Chief Ministers of Kerala and leaders of the CPI(M) and CPI respectively. I had the opportunity to write them letters on some issue which I do not remember now. But within four-five days, I got reply from both. In their own handwriting, they have replied in Post Card. It was a great lesson for me in many ways.
Let the Post Card continue with its lowest prices for the poor people of this great country.