The four left parties viz. CPI(M), CPI, AIFB and RSP has jointly called upon the people to continue the struggle against the rampant corruption. The demands raised by the Left Parties are:
1. Adoption of an effective Lok Pal Bill.
2. There should be a National Judicial Commission to curb corruption in high judiciary.
3. Stringent action against the rampant corruption fostered by the big business-politician-bureaucratic nexus which has led to scandal such as 2G Spectrum case.
4. Implementation of electoral reforms including introduction of proportional representation system to check money power in lections.
5. Steps to unearth black money stashed abroad.
The Left parties have called upon the people to participate massively in the anti-corruption movement programmes being organised from 15th to 21st July. A Parliament March during the coming session is also decided.