The Central Trade Unions have called upon the entire workers all over the country to observe Protest Day on 23rd June 2011 against the intolerable increase in the prices of petrol, diesel,cooking gas and other petroleum products. Already the government has hiked the prices several times. After deregularisation, thus giving the right to the oil companies to decide the price of the petroleum products, the companies have increased the prices higher. The Government will get the taxes and the companies will get huge profits. But what about the ordinary people? Their monthly budget has gone up several times and even the increased wages of the workers could not compensate the increase in the prices.
The decision of the Central Trade Union is timely. Further BMS, which was keeping away earlier, has also joined in the call thus making almost all the Central Trade Unions together.
Let all the working class together make this programme a grand success and prepare for further struggle against the neo-liberal policy of the government which has resulted in all these anti-people decisions.