The 2500 and odd workers in the Maruti-Suzuki plant at Manesar (Haryana) are continuing their struggle on the 12th day for the right to organise and against retrenchment of their 11 leaders. Their main two demands are that their union which represents more than 80% of the workers should be recognised by the management and that their leaders who have been retrenched for forming the union should be reinstated.The tool down strike called by the trade unions in the Manesar area in support of the Maruti strike has been postponed on the request of the Haryana Government which is in discussion with the management and the workers.
All the striking workers are in the company compound only. They have not gone outside though the toilet facilities etc. are completely insufficient. They are wearing the same uniforms they have worn for the last 11 days. It is a struggle for the right of the workers to organise. The Government should immediately intervene and make the adamant management to agree to the reasonable and fully justified demands of the workers. The entire trade unions in the country should support this struggle.