THe more than 2500 workers of Maruti factory in Manesar ( Haryana) are on strike for the last 8 days demanding that their union be recognised by the management. Out of the 3500 or so workers 2500 belong to the newly formed union, which is not affiliated to any central trade union. The workers are agitating against not only the refusal to recognise the newly formed union, but also against retrenchment of 11 leaders of the union. The workers allege that the managmenet is compelling them to join the union of the Gurgaon plant, which according to them is a management pliant union and which has not been taking the issues of the workers of the Manesar plant. The workers are sitting inside the factory premises in their uniforms.
The management, instead of discussing with the agitating workers has taken the help of the police and the state government to crush the strike. The state government has unilaterally declared the strike as illegal.
The workers in the nearby auto factories led by AITUC, CITU, HMS etc. have declared support and may go on solidarity strike.
The Haryana Government is supporting the management against the right of the workers to form union. The struggle for the right to organise will continue.