The C-DOT considered earlier as the most advanced in telecom R and D has not been heard for a long time after its spectacular success in the E-10-B equipment etc.The foreign manufacturers like Nokia,Ericsson have entirely captured the manufacturing markets. The C-DOT could not do much or even nothing with regard to the 2G and 3G.
But it seems that the C-DOT is coming back with its proposals to start with for the 4G for which it can do a lot according the reported statement of Shri V.V.R.Sastry, Executive Director,C-DOT.
He is reported to have stated as follows:
“Todays telecom networks are swamped by imported products and services, based on foreign technology. From a national security perspective, it is very important to have home grown India IPR and technologies in the telecommunication and information technologies.
” To avoid foreign outflow of stupendous magnitude due to telecom gear imports in the near future and revive the national telecom equipment manufacturing base which in turn will create employment opportunities for semi-skilled and skilled workforce of this country, it is very important to go the C-DOT way ie. to create India IPR, develop products and services which can revive the Indian Telecom Manufacturing bse in this country.”
Well stated Shri Sastry! But will the government allot funds,infrastructure and manpower for the same? Is the government really interested in R and D? But of course, I fully support the proposals of C-DOT. The government should be pressurised to act upon it.