I have already mentioned earlier that how the profitable Air India-Indian Airlines have been made loss making by the anti-PSU policy of the Government and complete mismanagement. The strike of the Indian Airlines Pilots has exposed many of these misdoings of the government and the management to favour the private air companies. All these anti-Air India decisions have put the PSU in real trouble. In the meantime the oil companies denied supply of petrol to the Air-India due to the non-payment of their dues. Although it is temporarily settled on the basis of the assurance of the Air India that in future the oil will be paid on day-to-day basis, a lot of issues remain.
Due to lack of cash, the Air India has now decided to reduce its flights mainly international. It will further reduce the revenue. Earlier it had withdrawn from the profit making routes to help th private companies. Whether the cash-strapped PSU will be able to pay the salaries of the employees regularly? The government is no mood to help the Air India except granting a meagre amount in an interval.
The painful experience of the Air-India Indian Airlines is a hard lesson for the BSNL workers. For BSNL, the situation still can be saved. That is why the JAC has decided to seriously implement the decisions with regard to improvement of services and strengthening of the company and also make the management and the Government to take suitable actions to save and strengthen BSNL. Any laxity on our part will be dangerous. Let us move ahead with our strategy and plans.