Usually thirty-six years is nothing in the history of a country having the thousands of years behind. But in the case of Viet Nam, which got liberated on 30th April 1975, the past 36 years have been a period of intense struggle against imperialism and for establishing a socialist state.
The struggle Vietnam people had to wage against the American imperialist forces, which trampled the country with all their nasty bombs and mighty military strength, was to say the least a historical struggle. The people of Vietnam and the communist guerillas fought inch by inch till the last. At last the mighty American forces had to retreat and go back home. But the sacrifices the Vietnam people had to make for their liberation were beyond imagination.
The growth and development after liberation of Vietnam was far beyond any body’s expectation. Under the leadership of the Communist Party and the revolutionary leader Ho-Chi-Min, the country had developed and is on the path to socialism.
India and Vietnam had always good relations. On this 36th anniversary of the Vietnam Liberation Day along with millions of people all over the world, I also saute the Vietnam people for their great stride forward despite all obstacles.
Red Salute to Vietnam Comrades on the 36th Anniversay of Liberation!