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This is the election time for Kerala along with W.Bengal, T.Nadu, Assam and Puducherry. Kerala has a special tradition of electing CPI(M) led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and Congress led UDF alternatively. But it seems that this time it is going to be changed. The indications are there that the LDF may be elected again braking the tradition. Why?

The great achievements of the last five years of LDF rule itself is the main basis for the above presumption. Kerala is acknowledged as one of the best ruled state in the country. Let us see what are the achievements of the LDF?

Improvement of agriculture sector: Increased support price for paddy from Rs.7 to Rs.14 per kg resulting in increase of cultivation area by 60,000 acres and production by about 1.25 lakh tonnes. Production of eggs, vegetables, milk, fish and meat also increased.

LDF government increased budget allotments for traditional industries like coir, cashew, hand-loom, bamboos etc. which resulted in increased production and also better wages.

During UDF rule almost all state PSUs were in big losses. UDF government closed some of them and were proposing to close others to the benefit the private business, just like the Central Government. During the UDF rule out of 44 PSUs only 12 were profitable. The total loss in 2005-2006, last year of UDF, was Rs.69.64 crore. After 4 years of LDF rule 32 PSUs out of 37 ( some PSUs were merged together) became profitable. The total turn over of the PSUs increased to Rs. 2190.73 crore and the loss of Rs.69.64 crore during UDF period was changed to profit of Rs 239.75 crore in 2009-2010. In 2011-2012, Kerala will have the record of ‘no loss making PSU’.

In the previous 2 years period under the EMS Housing Project 8.5 lakh houses were provided to those having no house. It is proposed to provide more houses under this project.

SC/ST and minorities have been given top priority and special assistance in various ways. One acre land will be provided to landless tribal families. LDF has provided better social justice.

During UDF rule hundreds of farmers committed suicide due to debt and failure of crops. After LDF came in to power, special assistance were given to the farmers. debts were written off and the farmers suicide became a matter of the past.

IT parks have started which will give thousands of jobs to the unemployed.

Kerala is given award by the Central Government for Best Law and Order situation under the LDF rule.

Best literate state.

26 awards received in the tourism sector.

One of the best health system in the country under the LDF rule.

Many other achievements have been made during the LDF rule.

As such the LDF facing the coming elections on 13th April 2011 with confidence. I feel that the people of Kerala will change the alternate LDF -UDF rule and elect the LDF this time also for a better governance and benefits to the people.