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While the state assembly election dates in Kerala are yet to be announced, the situation for Left Democratic Front (LDF) is improving day by day. Though the CPI(M) lost heavily in the Parliament elections, it has almost restored its strength to the earlier position. The state organisation is systematically working for a good victory.

Another factor is the difference between the alliances on the sharing of seats in the opposition camp, United Democratic Front (UDF). There exist differences amongst all partners as also within the Congress party itself. However, this may be sorted out in the last moment as usual.

The main issue is the image loss for the Congress, UDF and UPA at Central level. The image of the Prime Minister himself is in question in connection with the Supreme Court struck down appointment of CVC. The other scams including 2G, Adarsh, CWG etc. are all pointing to the highest in the Congress Party and those supporting it.

The jail sentence against former minister Balakrishna Pillai is another image loss for UDF in Kerala. Cases against other former minister are also surfacing.

The last five years LDF rule and implementation of people oriented programmes has increased the prestige and image of the Left Government, despite opposition charges to the contrary.

In such a situation, the LDF has the upper hand. There is every chance that LDF may win if it continues its work in an effective way with complete unity.