Every decision in the telecom sector is compelled to change due to wrong decision. This is what happened in the selection of the CMD BSNL also. Selections are not taking place on the basis of merit but on extraneous considerations.

It has happened again. Now it is on the selection of the CMD BSNL. The present CMD Gopal Das who has been given charge after the retirement of Kuldeep Goyal is going to retire on 28th February 2011. A committee was appointed by former Minister A.Raja. The committee consisted of  Cabinet Secretary K.M.Chandrasekhar, Secretary Department of Personnel Shantanu Consul, then Secretary DOT P.J.Thomas, Ashok Jhunjhunuwala IIT Chennai , Sameer Barua from IIM Ahmedabad and N.Balakrishnan from IIS Bangalore. The election by the committee was questioned in the court which is pending.

Now, the new Committee will he headed by Cabinet Secretary K.M.Chandrasekhar and will include Principal Secretary to the PM T.K.A.Nair, Advisor to PM Sam Pitroda and  UIAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani.

Let us hope that the new committee will select a suitable person and quickly.