Two lakhs and thirty thousand BSNL Non-Executives will go to polling booths tomorrow, 1st February 2011, to cast their votes to elect the Representative Union in BSNL.

This is the fifth membership verification being conducted in BSNL. In the first verification, NFTE won with 35% while BSNLEU got 30%. NFTE was recognised. In all the next three verifications, BSNLEU won with 50% or more support of the polled votes. Now BSNLEU is facing the verification with more strength and is expected to get 50 to 60% votes.

The good wage settlement, Promotion Policy and large number of other settlements benefitting the workers have increased the support base of BSNLEU. More and more workers are supporting BSNLEU /United Forum in this verification.

I hope that BSNLEU will win with good majority.