Many Indian Students in USA studying in California-based Tri-Valley University has been tagged with radio anklets to  radio-track their activities, tour etc. This is inhuman as stated by the External Affairs Minister S.M.Krishna.

But  the immediate issue is what the Indian Government is going to act against this inhuman act. Simple protest will not do. But to expect that the Government of India will do some thing more is a wishful thinking. Whether it was the screen checking of Ministers and Diplomats at US Airports or any other such ignomities, India Government has only simply protested and left it at that. If that is the case even when Ministers are involved, what the government is going to do in the case of poor students?

These are all the evils that is tagged with the subjugation of India’s neutrality and the ‘ junior partner’ status of US.  The Government of India should not only protest, but also has to act strongly against this inhuman act.