It is as usual ! Nothing to be surprised ! The discredited and disgruntled leader has again come with hollow claims. This time, the claim made is about the achievement of Pension Revision of pre-2007  BSNL Retirees. After the implementation of VI CPC Recommendations, the leader claimed all the credits for the benefits, even though he was never a party to any discussions with the Pay Commission or the Government. He claimed the  credit for the IDA revision for BSNL absorbees, though he did not attend even half of the meetings on the negotiations with the BSNL Management. He claimed loud and high about his fight against the revisionist policies of Com.OPG, but when his union was merged with BSNLEU, his supporters in 7 major circles shifted to OPG side! In the middle of the crucial first membership verification, this leader ran away from the battle field, just like a soldier deserting his army when the fight is going on. A leader who can not function without the recognition of Government/ Management!

His latest claims is that the Pension Revision has been done at his behest! Wonderful. The two years hard bargaining in the Wage negotiation, the discussions in the DOT-BSNL-BSNLEU tripartite Committee, several discussions with the Secretary, DOT, Member (Finance), Member(Services) and other senior DOT Officers, the several strikes and agitations organised by the BSNLEU and United Forum as also AIBDPA (after it was formed), the struggles organised under Joint Action Committee, the agreement with the Minister after the 20th April 2010 strike, the discussions during the 1-2 December 2010 strike and assurances which are all documented with minutes and details of discussions which led to the present achievement of Cabinet decision on Pension Revision of pre-2007 BSNL retirees are nothing to this great leader. According to his claim, some information received from here and there are the real reason for the settlement. wonderful!

Workers and Pensioners have understood this self-proclaimed leader years back. They are amused. Further details on hollow claims of this leader follows.