I attended meetings at Bangalore, Mysore and Hubli on 24th and 25th of January 2011 in connection with the Membership Verification programme. The meetings were attended by a large number of workers which indicated the growth of the organisation and the increase in the support base of BSNLEU and United Forum.

In addition, I am very happy that I could meet a lot of old comrades who are either  working or retired and still are actively connected with the organisation.  In Mysore, the original base of E.III(N) union (along with Mangalore), I could meet Coms. R.G.Bhandari, Mukundan, Gopalakrisnan and others, who worked hard  to strengthen our union. Now they are all retired, but is active in the All India BSNL-DOT Pensioners Association (AIBDPA). Even though the time was very short, at least I could meet them and exchange greetings and a few words. It was the same at Hubli. The AIBDPA had organised a meeting in which I, along with other leaders were felicited. The AIBDPA  under the leadership of  Comrades S.S.Patil, K.G.Deshpande, R.B.Patil and others are seriously working to strengthen the Association. But I missed one comrade, who not only filled Hubli with his activities but all of Karnataka for decades, but is no more. Com.M.Sadanand, who was the soul of our organisation in Karnataka and who was the first Circle Secretary of E.III (N) and BSNLEU was a comrade who sacrificed his entire life for protecting and safeguarding the interests of workers. I started my speech at Hubli remembering him and paying respectful homage.

While time passes away, many comrades also leaves us for ever. It is our duty to remember them and tread the path shown by them.