A meeting of the Parliament Standing Committee on Labour was held at Parliament Annexe Committee room today,  14th January 2011 at 1500 hours. The committee was presided over by Shri Hemanand Biswal, M.P., Chairman of the Committee. Members of Parliament, who are members of the Committee were present. The meeting was being held on the representation given by Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU & BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation to the Chairman on 13-11-2010 through Com. P.R.Natarajan, M.P. who is a member of the Committee. Com.Namboodiri had met Shri Sanjeeva Reddy, INTUC, President & M.P. who is also a member of the Committee.. Both the unions as well as the management side were invited to present their views on the issues.

The Unions were invited first. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President BSNLEU & BSNLC&CWF  presented the case with relevant documents. The issues of regularisation of TSMS and Casual Labour, grant of TSM to eligible casual labour, non-payment of justified wages to the casual and contract workers, non-implementation of orders on social security measures  etc. were brought to the notice of the Standing Committee.  He also brought to the notice of the Committee that contract workers were being retrenched in large numbers after the management was compelled to implement the government orders on minimum wage to contract workers. The presentation by Com. Namboodiri took about more than 40 minutes. Comrades Suresh Kumar (BSNLMS) and Subramaniam (BMS) supported the statements of Com.Namboodiri and wanted to sort out these issues.

The official side was invited next. S/Shri C.Chandrasekhar, Secretary DOT, S,C.Misra, Member(Services)other top DOT officers,  Gopal Das, CMD BSNL, D.P.Dey, Sr.GM(Estt). H.C.Pant, Company Secretary and GM(Legal), M.S.S.Rao, GM (Admn) and about 10 other officers were present. The session ended quickly as the Committee felt that the written reply given by BSNL Management was not clear and not to the point and asked the official side to submit necessary replies after which the meeting will be held. It is understood from reliable sources that the Chairman and Members of the committee expressed their dissatisfaction at the replies given by the Management.

In preparing the presentation and discussion after the meeting along with the other union participants, Coms. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, W.Bengal and Tapas Ghosh, Secretary General , BSNLC&CWF contributed much.

A detailed report on the discussion will be published later.