There is every indication this time that BSNLEU will get the first position in Bihar, dislodging NFTE, which was number one last time (of course with the support of FNTO). It is not only that the FNTO has deserted the NFTE Alliance, but it is something more.

BSNLEU was not a big force in Bihar when the BSNLEU started. But gradually it has come very close to the First one, NFPTE. This time it is going to become the number one. The workers are happy for the good wage revision and Promotion Policy. This was made clear in the massive meeting held at Patna on 4th January 2010. The meeting was held in the premises of the CGM Office. About 500 comrades participated. Some comrades from other unions were also standing nearby to hear the speeches. Com.B.P.Singh, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU presided. Com. Swapan Chakraborty AGS and Com.Sunity Choudhary, All India Org. Secretary spoke in detail about the demands etc. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, inaugurating the convention called upon the workers to vote for BSNLEU / United Forum to save BSNL and its workers. He spoke in length on the various issues of workers including the good wage revision and Promotion Policy.

The house assured Com. Namboodiri that the land of Lok Nayak JP will be fully with United Forum. Com.Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, along with Circle Secretary will be touring most of the districts in Bihar on election campaign.