The Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union is being held today and tomorrow at Ghaziabad, (UP West). It will discuss about the wage revision, Pension Revision and other important issues and take suitable decisions. The conduct of the All India Conference scheduled to be held in Mysore in December may also come up for discussion.

Perhaps this may be the first CEC meeting of BSNLEU since its formation in 2001, that I am not participating. CEC meetings were not only for discussion and decisions,but it is a forum where you can meet senior comrades and old friends and renew the friendship. It givers energy to all the participants.

Time passes away quickly. It was on 2nd September 1958 that I entered the P and T Department and 60 long years have passed. I have become a member of the then union immediately after joining the Dept. and have been in the active field for the last 60 years or so.

Our comrades fought for the correct policy in the union and we could succeed. The revisionist leadership was defeated in 1991 Bhopal Conference; but the next ten years were a long internal fight in which we could succeed. The BSNL was formed in October 2000 and BSNLEU was formed on 22 March 2001.

I am proud to have been elected as the Founder General Secretary of BSNLEU in the foundation conference held at Visakhapatnam and continued in that post till 2010 after which continued as All India President till 2014. It was the sole recognised union for years. My request to relieve from the post was kindly accepted by the house, but the AIC elected me as Patron, which was not a constitutional post. I was relieved from that post also in 2017. Though not an office-bearer, the close bond continues with BSNLEU. That will never be broken.

My Hearty Congratulations and Greetings to all the members of the CEC! Let the CEC take important decisions for the forward march of the union and the workers!