It seems that a large number of people are mentally adjusted to violation of rules, even when it is easy to follow them. Take for example the traffic rules. It is compulsory to wear helmet for riding two-wheeler, for their own safety. But in many cases, it is violated, even when the helmets are available with them. In road junctions, traffic rules are violated, by moving forward even when red light is there. Buses are not stopped at the bus stop and the people have to run to board it. It is a running race by private buses, violating almost all rules and endangering safety of the passengers and the pedestrians.

Corruption has become rampant. There is almost no area, where this dirty practice is absent.

The ordinary people are silent and suffer. The affluent and the powers that are, take the violation of rules as granted and enjoy violating it.

Society has to change so that law abiding become natural and part of life. Of course, when the law turns against the people, there will be resistance and should be.