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BJP has created history by managing to get 89% of the total political donations from the corporates in the country.
According to the report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), BJP got Rs. 705.81 crores ( in the donations of more than Rs. 20,000), while Congress got only Rs. 198.16 crore, NCP Rs. 50.73 and CPI(M) 1.89 crore. The total of such donations is Rs. 956.77 crores.

The corporates have donated maximum to BJP and they will ensure that they get maximum favours from the government. The decisions taken during the three years after Modi came in to power clearly show that the Corporates have been showered with benefits more than hundred times for the donation received from them.

This government is certainly a Government of the corporates, for the Corporates, by the corporates! Working class and the people at large has to realise this naked truth and fight for getting justice to the common people and the downtrodden.