The Chief Labour Commissioner (Central), New Delhi, has issued Gazette Notification dated 19th January, 2017, fixing the new rates of wages for the contract workers w.e.f. 19.01.2017. The draft notification was issued on 01.09.2016, seeking opinions of both employees and employers. BSNLCCWF had given memorandum demanding Rs.18,000/- per month as minimum wage. The CLC has now issued notification fixing it @ Rs.9,100/- per month for 26 days for Unskilled workers in C Class Cities. It will be higher for Semi-Skilled, Skilled and Highly Skilled and for A Class and B Class Cities. It will be higher if they work for more than 26 days. BSNLCCWF will take immediate steps to get the new rates implemented. The full Gazette Notification is published in the bsnlccwf.com, website of BSNLEU.