‘Hindustan Teleprinters – A Pride of the Nation’
This was the caption given to an article in the Tele-Traffic review, official organ of the T.III union in its April 1962 issue. It was fully correct. The Hindustan Teleprinters Limited, a Public Sector Unit of the Central Government, was started on 14th December 1960 at Guindy, about 16 miles away from Madras Central Railway Station. It was intended to manufacture Teleprinters, but at the initial stage it assembled the parts of teleprinters imported from the Italian Company Olivetti. Teleprinters were intended to be manufactured at a later stage. At the starting of the PSU, most of the officers and many of the employees were taken from the P&T Department only. The target was for manufacture of 1000 machines in a year. This was the period when the telegraphs were growing steadily as a mass communication system. Another PSU, Hindustan Machine Tools Limited (HMT), manufactured many of the machines required for the Hindustan Teleprinters.
Hindustan Teleprinters Ltd. continued as an active supplier to P&T Department. However, after the neo-liberal policy started during the 1990s and the growth of the telephones and introduction of mobile services, the importance of telegraphs declined and the PSU became loss making. It continued for some more years, but was the situation could not be improved. However, the contribution of the Hindustan Teleprinters in the growth of communications system in India will ever be remembered.