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It is reported that the Labour Ministry is proposing to fix the minimum wages at Rs.10,000 to the contract workers. This is nothing but cheating the hard working workers. According to Dr. Akroyd’s formula, the Minimum Wag comes to Rs. 26,000 as demanded by the Central Government employees. The VII Central Pay Commission did grant only Rs. 18,000. The Central Trade Unions have demanded that at least Rs.18,000 should be granted as minimum wage to the contract workers and the ‘Equal Wage for Equal Work’ should also be introduced.

But ignoring all these genuine demands, the Labour Ministry is proceeding to fix the minimum wage to Rs.10,000, which is only a very small increase from the present. There should be strong protest against this cheating of the workers at the behest of the employers and the corporates. BSNLCCWF expresses its strong protest at this injustice.

At least a minimum wage of Rs. 18,000 should be fixed immediately.