D-7, Telegraph Place, New Delhi – 110001 was the Quarters allotted to BSNL Employees Union since its formation. Earlier it was allotted to T.III Union and its GS Com. P.S.Raman Kutty stayed there. It is in the Gole Market area directly opposite  to the Sucheta Kripalani Hospital.

Since 2003, I had been staying there till 12th January 2016, on which day I shifted to the Quarters allotted to BSNLEU at T-18 C, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi -110001. The shift became necessary as the Telegraph Place was sold to the Jharkhand government by the Central government. The quarters in the Telegraph Place are being demolished and a  ‘Jharkhand Bhawan’ will be constructed there. The Bhoomi Puja attended by the Governor and Chief Minister of Jharkhand was held on 19th January 2016.

It was at  D-7 that the meetings of the Joint Action Committee/Joint Forum, United Forum etc. used to meet while I was the Convener of those committees. BSNLEU was first registered at this address. And also AIBDPA. AIBDPA, NCCPA meetings also used to be held here. The office of the RMS Union Class III was in D-2, Telegraph Place which is in the same complex, has now been shifted to Postal Quarters Kalibari. Com.N.J.Iyer, B.K.Banerjee and C.C.Pillai(1994- 2010) General Secretaries of R.III Union,who were  also office bearers of NFPE and Confederation of CG employees functioned from there. Com.Giriraj Singh, President, NFPE and GS R III also functioned from  D-2 till the present shift.

NFPTE and all the All India Unions affiliated to it were accommodated in the ‘P and T House’, 9 Pusa Road, New Delhi since its inception in 1954. Later  the offices were shifted to Dada Ghosh Bhawan in the 1960s, when the owner of 9,Pusa Road wanted the building vacated. However, R.III Union continued in the out house of 9, Pusa Road for some more time.

Later NFTE and some of its affiliates were allotted quarters by DOT at Gole Market. T.III got another quarters (D-7) in Gole market. Quarters granted to NFTE was demolished and another quarter was allotted at Kali Mandir Marg for NFTE, which now has been shifted near Corporate office.

Change is  a constant factor. There is nothing which is not changing. In the same way, the NFPTE, NFTE, E.III/T.III – all had shifted offices several times. That is part of history. However, shifting from D-7, Telegraph Place reminds me about the past, its activities. It is also not sure how many days I will stay at the new place, since the allotment is only temporary.

The History of the P and T TU movement is full of struggles, crises and advances. These offices/quarters also have their part in the same.