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The government has decided to further disinvest NTPC by 5%, with the idea of getting about Rs. 5,000 crores to reduce its deficit. 412.2 million shares are proposed to be sold at the rate of Rs. 122 per share. The share of the government in this prestigious and profitable PSU will be reduced from 74.96% to 69.96% after the sale.

The government has already sold shares of Oil India Limited, Container Corporation of India, NDMC, MMTC and ITDC in this fiscal garnering Rs.13,277 crore.

‘Disinvestment’ is a negative process and the word itself is negative. Hence the government and finance experts have started using another word for it, ‘Divestment’.   But whether the negativeness of disinvestment will go if the word is changed to divestment? NO!