Com.V.S.Menon Passed away

Com. V.S.Menon, a stalwart leader of the P and T employees and former Secretary, NFPTE, passed away on 7th January 1994 at Ahmedabad after a severe heart-attack. He was 75. He was suspended in the 1949 strike and detained in jail for a long time. After reinstatement, he was promoted and retired as Divisional Engineer. He continued to be in contact with the union and gave all help and guidance and also worked in the Pensioners Association. Mrs. Vimala Menon, his wife, also passed away within  three hours of his death.

Resolution of the Co-Ordination Committee of Trade Unions on Telecom Sector

A meeting of the representatives of Central Trade Unions, Apex Trade Unions and Office Associations of five important sectors, Financial Sector, Public Sector Enterprise, Electric Power Sector, Oil Sector and Telecommunications, was held at New Delhi on 27th and 28th January 1994 and analysed the prevailing situation due to the implementation of the neo-liberal policies and the attack on the public sector and especially the ore sectors. It called upon the workers, the intellectuals, the Members of Parliament and political parties to raise their voice against the denigration of the Public Sector and to demand the government to strengthen, instead of weaken, the public sector. It called upon the employees and the masses who would bear the brunt of the adverse consequences to resist all such attempts of the government which compromise with the sovereignty of the nation in terms of its  economic independence, self-reliance and national security.

A separate detailed note on each sector was appended for the study of the workers and prepare for struggle. E.III Union actively participated in the meeting, discussion and drafting of the resolution. It was a move to educate the workers on the coming danger.

All India Conference of T.III  and Administrative Unions

In the All India Conference of T.III Union held at Pushkar, Rajasthan on 5-8 October 1993, Coms. V.A.Harsulkar and P.S.Raman Kutty were re-elected as President and General Secretary.

The All India Conference of Administrative Union Class III and IV, held at Calcutta from 5-8 October 1993 elected H.G.Ramachandra as President Pabitra Ranjan Chakraborty as General Secretary. (To be continued)